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Hexa Solutions Pte Ltd �is a Singapore based engineering services company. We support our customers in product innovation by creating�new and improved�product concepts, developing products�and assisting in the start-up till production.

We add value to our clients in reducing their product development costs, provide flexible working models by providing support across the complete product life cycle from design and modelling through analysis, prototyping, automation, data documentation, instrumentation and controls, embedded systems development, manufacturing support.

Hexa Technocraft Pvt Ltd �is an associate company of Hexa Solutions, whose operations are in Bangalore India . We provide manufacturing solutions to our customers in the area of Precision machining, Plastic molds,Tools, Jigs and Fixtures and Prototypes.

At HEXA SOLUTIONS, we constantly leverage on proven industrial and functional expertise, incorporating the leading & best technology practices and their by adding values to the business processes.



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Local & oversea experienced professionals
Complete Service support in product innovation
Experts in static and dynamic metal and plastic parts/assemblies
Manufacturing and Prototypes
Design centre in Singapore & Manufacturing unit in Bangalore, India
ISO 9001:2008 company
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